One weekend in Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. Also known as the “White City” Belgrade is called Beograd(Београд) by the Serbians. Due to Wizzair we got some cheap flights from Friedrichshafen to Belgrade. Our outbound flight startet on Friday at 8:00 am and the return flight on Monday morning at 5:40. Perfect circumstances for a weekend trip. Hand luggage is totally sufficient…

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Rosa Liksom – Compartement No. 6

Compartment No.6 is a novel of a young Finn woman, who is travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Ulan Bator. She planned to do this trip with her friend Mitka, but he went to an insane asylum before. Now her fellow passenger is a drinking, swearing, misogynic and scarred by life russian, who shares, contrary to the young…

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skitour CZ republic hills fog sun

Ski in the Giant Mountains – Krkonoše – Czech Republic

At the turn of the year 2016/17 our thirst of adventure drives us to the Czech Giant Mountains for skiing. Due to a visit of friends in Dresden at Christmastime it was logical to pack our ski, drive through Saxon Switzerland, the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic and to spent some days in nature.   Krkonoše – The Giant Mountains The street…

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Igloo in the Austrian Alps – A night in ice and snow

We were dreaming of building an igloo in the Alps and to spent the night in it. To resist winter’s rough coldness and to fall asleep in your own igloo like the Inuit or polar explorers. To be awakened from the first sun rays shining through the thin ice. This dream should come true in February 2017. On the trails…

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Skifahren lernen mit 30? JA!

Skifahren lernen als 30 jähriger? JA!   Mittlerweile sind ein paar Monate ins Land gegangen und ich war fleißig und regelmäßig auf den Ski gestanden. Ich habe einen schönen Jahreswechsel im Riesengebirge mit meinen ersten zwei kleinen Skitouren verbracht und mittlerweile 22 Skitage gesammelt. Das Equipment wuchs um ein LVS Set (Lawinen Verschütteten Suche) und um einen besseren Rucksack für…

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