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Caucasus by Bike – Intro

Georgia and Armenia were our goal for the big bicycle tour in 2017   Even when everything was very hectic just before our departure, the trip went even more fantastic. At the end we cycled about 1100km with more than 20.000 m of altitude in 20 days and spent a total of four weeks in the Caucasus region.   We…

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One weekend in Skopje – Macedonia

It was time again for a short weekendtrip. As out trip to Belgrad we chose Wizzair for cheap flights into the Balkan Region. This time we traveled to Skopje in Macedonia. So we put all neccesarities in our backpacks (as hand luggage) and two hours later we stept into another world.   Fast facts Macedonia is a country in sout…

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Quarterly Roundup 3-2017

Actually I wanted to write a quarterly roundup  post before our four week long trip to Georgia.  But unfortunately I got no time for it due to too much other stuff. We spent the weekends in the mountains, hiking and climbing, doing a canoe tour, managing the moving in of rocketmone in our shared flat and a lot of other…

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One weekend in Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. Also known as the “White City” Belgrade is called Beograd(Београд) by the Serbians. Due to Wizzair we got some cheap flights from Friedrichshafen to Belgrade. Our outbound flight startet on Friday at 8:00 am and the return flight on Monday morning at 5:40. Perfect circumstances for a weekend trip. Hand luggage is totally sufficient…

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Rosa Liksom – Compartement No. 6

Compartment No.6 is a novel of a young Finn woman, who is travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Ulan Bator. She planned to do this trip with her friend Mitka, but he went to an insane asylum before. Now her fellow passenger is a drinking, swearing, misogynic and scarred by life russian, who shares, contrary to the young…

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