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Ski in the Giant Mountains – Krkonoše – Czech Republic

At the turn of the year 2016/17 our thirst of adventure drives us to the czech Giant Mountains for skiing. Due to a visit of friends in Dresden at Christmastime it was logical to pack our ski, drive through Saxon Switzerland, the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic and to spent some days in nature.   Krkonoše – The Giant Mountains The street…

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about travels and outdoors

I will use this section as a travel diary, maybe give some hints and show some pictures. When I was younger I traveled a little bit with my parents (Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Netherlands, all over Germany). But I can hardly remember all the details and due to analog photography I don’t have many pictures. I got really addicted to…

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about the life section

The life section of this blog will cover different topics about how to obtain a life i am happy with. This contains extreme early retirement / financial freedom, minimalistic lifestyle ideas, sports, good nutrition, spending time in nature, being thankfull for what you got, destressing technics, quarter life crisis, midlife crisis (maybe in the future 😉 ) and  so on.…

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