About myself and this Blog

Just another travel blog? 


Yeah somehow it is.

I launched it, because I read a lot of different blogs, how to obtain a happy lifestyle, about finances, about travel. So why don’t start a blog and combine it all together?


Why care about all these things? Because the quarter-life crisis hit me with all of its power.

After the happy days of studying with a lot of time for self-reflection, forming your personality and enjoying life Istarted to work and got totally jumped and overwhelmed.

I was trapped in all this grown up stuff, renting a flat, dealing with insurances, paying for your car, commuting to work, work, sleep, repeat.


I felt like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day”


I oriented my life  towards what the media is telling us. That’s not a bad thing, but it is not the right way for me. I am not interested in new fancy cars or TVs. The certain thrill was gone and a new daily routine catched me.

Social media did the rest. Everytime you see vacation pictures, great sport events, beautiful nature, relaxing parties. People, who break free from their old stories and live outside the ordinary burgeois borders. They are running indipendent and free lifes, always happy, never in a bad mood and never sick.


But isn’t there a middle course?


Isn’t it possible to work in a classical job and to realize your travel and adventourous dreams? Is it possible to be happy about your work and to enjoy your spare time?

Yes, it is, by radically simplifying your life and to break free from every medial stigmatized constraints.

I realized that on my travels, because I am not the classy tourist, who likes to be serverd more and more cocktails. I want to be in nature, in foreign cities. I need a certain thrill. Life is reduced to topics like, “where to sleep, what to eat, where to go tomorrow?

After every trip I want to stick to this feeling and to inherit it to my every day life.



So this blog shares my experience to live a happy and simple life in our postmodern world and reminding myself that life isn’t infinite and that I need to get the most out of it.

In the future, when I am 100 years old, laying in bed and the grim reaper knocks on my door, I want to say that my life was formed by myself and that I am happy how it has gone.

If you want to accompany my way through the modern affluent society stay tuned, leave a comment or send me an email.


And this is a bilingual Blog, you can switch to german if you click the small flags under each post.