Quarterly Roundup 3-2017

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Actually I wanted to write a quarterly roundup  post before our four week long trip to Georgia.  But unfortunately I got no time for it due to too much other stuff. We spent the weekends in the mountains, hiking and climbing, doing a canoe tour, managing the moving in of rocketmone in our shared flat and a lot of other stuff for our trip to the Caucasus region.
Nothing was really planned, even the bikes were not ready. All this stuff wanted to be done simultaneously. On top we got a lot to do with the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen at our jobs.
 It was a close call, but we accomplished to be punctual at the airport and explored Georgia and Armenia with our bikes for four weeks. It was an awesome time and it was absolutely necessary.

What will happen in the next 3 months?

But… vacation is over, we have seen a lot and experienced even more, but the everyday life has got us again.
Autumn is showing the best of Germany and we can hardly wait for the ski season to start 🙂
At the same time I need to manage to write more for the blog. Sorting all the vacation pictures, build a new landing page, write finally some posts to business-adventure-lifestyle and so on. However, there is no shortage of ideas, just of time.
The last nine month happened very less on the blog, but slowly I get it how to deal with it. The goal for the next 3 month is definitely to work more on the blog. As I said, I got enough ideas for posts.
What will happen till the end of the year? Good question, definitely a lot related to Georgia and Armenia. Next weekend we will enjoy a short weekend trip to Skopje, Macedonia. Followed by the one or another ski tour till Christmas. The end of the year will be celebrated with friends in the “Erzgebirge” and cross country skiing and after that the planning for 2018 can continue.
(Next roundup will follow in January 2018)
Stay stoked for more to come…

Imagesource: https://pixabay.com

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